Friday, December 27, 2013

the power of pressure, not zeros and ones

the might of the world was showcased before the digital revolution. now we face each other behind fake faces and with anonymity so we say anything just cause we think we can. there was a time where if you said it people saw you and it you did something people felt it. now i'm not running to hand in my high definition tv or the comforts of knowing whats going on thanks to satellite communication and positioning but you cant tell me the wwii engines on this lady don't look like they could kick some ass from here to the other side of the world.

the story i see: the pan european war (not wwii) has been raging for some time and to try and end it, london has reach out to its mighty colony in north america. although the place is full of left wing right brained individuals being told what to do by right wing right side leaders that let all manner of inconceivable ideas fly by. and to that divergence of energies they have developed the new air superiority fight unit meant to defend the skies and punish the land with high maneuverability and low cross section for targeting. at a reduced manufacturing cost of traditional planes this units are as easy to over saturate the skies as it is for a pigeon to cover a statue in poop.

title: 20120203

artist tag: ArdenRey

found at: deviant art


this image@: dev art site

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