Saturday, December 7, 2013

the depth of pencil magic

i have drawn different kinds of zig zags on paper since i was able to hold a pencil, but i have never master the craft of shade. yes, shade, where potentially the same piece of lead can give you hundreds of different kinds of tones of gray that make a line come alive. if i ever find a magic jinn my first wish is to learn how to do this that you see in the image above.

the story i see:the world of bugs has evolved beyond the tiny insect that we crush under foot into the dominant life form on earth. massive intelligent communicating bugs of all kind build hives and cities around the world and as expected humanity fights to avoid not extinction but being number two on the ruling list. to avoid war the insects bring an arbitrator and emissary to bridge the gap and bring balance to the cycle of life.

title:  Technobeetle W.I.P. shots

artist tag: Miles-Johnston

found at: deviant art


this image@:  dev art site

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