Wednesday, December 4, 2013

its a complicated joke

so i imagine the spark from this idea to come from one of a few places. a conversation while having an altered mind state do to liquids gases or ingestables. a randomly sparking mind tha happened to piece these two thing together while they should have been focusing on other things. a person with a morbid thought pattern that feels the need to vent their skewed perception of the world in a condescending way that you and i don't yet perceive. or better yet a funny idea turned to life because a wolf is not that far off from a bear when you thing of scary things in the woods that might get you.

the story i see: the young boys and girls who use to be helped and guided by the wonderfull carebears are now older and suffering ffrom the realities of being 20 something growm up. so the care bears call in thier breatherin from the enchanted cloud forest in the sky the care-weres to go show them the stronger more assertive force of magic and life.

title: Curse of the CareWeres

artist tag: Winter-artwork

found at: deviant art

artist@: to many places to link

this image@: dev art site

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