Friday, January 31, 2014

never too early for v-day

in about 2 weeks every man in america will be complaining they are out of time to plan and prepare for valentines day. and as men we will think its about flowers that will die in a wee, dinner that cost twice as much in an over crowded place, and chocolate that is just in a red box compared to all the other ones that cast half as much. but valentine's day is about love and the courage of a woman to prove hers to the world by riding naked on a horse thru town at a time where people never saw each others ankles! so here the facts a woman should be going thru all the hoops for v-day........ok that was a bad joke. in two weeks make it count and remember love means doing the hard stuff without worrying about it.

the story i see: the same thing they didn't teach me in school, the story of lady godiva

title: godiva overdrive

artist tag: edtropolis

found at: deviant art


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Thursday, January 30, 2014

yea space babes

when are we going up into space with space suits that make women look like "a woman"

i cant tell a story this is just so funny to see what reality comes from being a nasty boy

title: Moongirl -- moongranny

artist tag: DawnElaineDarkwo

found at: deviant art


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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

that's all i remember

the blurred lines and the mix of foreground and background colors make her stand like a foggy memory but something you know is real

the story i see: a man awakens in a hospital bed and feels the shackles on his wrist keeping him to the bed. a police officer sitting next to the bed calls down for a detective as the suspect is now awake. the detective asks why he was found unconscious in a drug den with several dead or beaten known criminals. he recounts a story of being there when a woman burst in demanding for someone he never heard of to show his face and she was taking him with her, and that somehow he got hit in the head hard when everything broke loose but he asked for a police sketch artist to come so he could give a description and he had one request 'bring some color'

title: Ari Concept Art

artist tag: MartaNael

found at: deviant art


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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

the premise 15: the mountain of sand

a mystical place you can only travel to with a sacrifice and a guide, a mountain mad of sand that cannot naturally exist. at its base white water rapids and along its steep cliffs rivers of rolling rock. and near the summit a small forest but when you look upon it all you see is golden sand making a mountain.

the king of the people under the water

i just like this, its strikes me as fresh and original for mermaids or the people of atlantis. mermaids that look like people are great but imagine the science and biology of a separate sentient life form on earth. we don’t need aliens we have the strange and wonderful right here under the water.

the story i see: i want to see this artist story more than i can think of anything else, the art just strikes me.

 title: CHRONICLE of ATLANTIS - Neptune

artist tag: DenisM79

found at: deviant art


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Monday, January 27, 2014

The premise 14: the armored man

A revolutionary balistic body armor out of private developement and field testing but the police department want to demo out a unit. a head to toe suit of polymer and carbon fiber, light and extremely durable. With the police insignia across the chest and a visor shaped like a face,  you would thing a future robot was here now. 'who's in the suit' johny .......'you mean desk johny, hell walk into a land mine and dead the demo unit'  no he actualy has one of the higher marksmanship ranks in this precinct. 'yea and the instinks and bad habits of the most unlucky man on earth' dont worry the only thing he has to worry about in this is a 50cal. rifle shot.

So as this cop embarks as a walking target in a city gone to the wolves, he stands as a symbol that the law is bulletproof and is coming with fully automatic millitary issue assault rifiles. So with no electronics within the suit the officer is no super hero just another guy on the job, but a few nifty new gadjets wont go unwelcomed by the newest symbol of the force of justice

skill level; pencil magic

now it this is from a reference this is spot on, but if this is from memory i have to say the skill level is on 1000. i love pencil magic it inspires not just me but people around the world to want to draw.

the story i see: a fantastic art book collection of sketches!

title: machines

artist tag: tuyetdinhsinhvat

found at: deviant art


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Sunday, January 26, 2014

the premise 13: the reserected

an old man on his deathbed on his hospital is visited by a man in black and he asks a simple question that no one can hear. as he walks away the old man closes his eyes and thinks. his frail body liver spotted skin, wrinkles that cover wrinkles, and eyes that tell of sadness and loneliness, all wait and die. and there standing over the body of the old man a young strong and fit man in a suit with an overcoat on, and he says to himself "i never looked in the mirror and if i did i wouldn't have thought i looked this bad."

please, please, please, please, please make this happen

i remember being on a subway with my dad and there was a kid across from me with the action figure for the villain of this show. i wanted the hero the add-ons i mean this was one of those super underrated shows the potential of it still rings in my head. if i was hasbro i would bring this and jem back like they did g.i. joe renegades (which they dropped to soon), transformers prime (that could have on for at least another 4 years) and my little pony (that has the strangest and strongest following i have ever seen online). now don’t get me wrong the original show looks it's age when you look at it now but the soul and the idea that Jack Kirby put into just need a fresh set of eyes like the ones that made this image and the show can be born again. go do your research and start a petition i want this show back and i am sending this link over to hasro right now.

the petition

 title: Power Extreme

artist tag: weremole

found at: deviant art


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Saturday, January 25, 2014

the premise 12: the networked people

a group of black suited zombies that share their individual thoughts so often that they are permanently linked into one being, their bodies are weak and their thoughts are a white noise of chatter and shared experiences one is all and they all feel like each other

to all the do-ers

this is what every person who dreams of comics strives for, completion! how many of you out there have got a idea, have sketched something, have told the story of how you will do it big one day? all of you! but a small select few actually have stopped and worked on something until it was done. when i way worked on it i mean found the moments in between real life, struggles, adversity, the lack of motivation, the non existent time, and all the other things everyone everywhere else deal with. so I CONGRATULATE YOU FOR FINISHING YOUR PROJECT. i wish to be able to say the same thing as soon as possible.

the story i see: its not the art work but the artist continuing to work and tell his story on his own terms, building a fan base and recognition from the people he thinks matter, his readers.

title: The Thing that crawls from Hell - completed

artist tag: SPECTRUM-the-dauber

found at: deviant art


this image@: dev art site

the premise 11: teacher toshi

a bald head over sized dark sunglasses, and an exaggerated white goatee, add a smile full of white teeth and you have the face of a sinner. he has taught many a man how to fight and how to win but only a few have learned how to live from this old man. his tank top and board shorts and bare feet are all you see when he walks around town like a poor beggar but when you have acquired so much money and no fear of death you tend to do what you want.

Friday, January 24, 2014

when will we be at this level

touch screens have been around for ver 20 years so it takes a cell phone to make them popular? so tell me we cant have this in the sky in the next 3 years? and yes i want mine to have a green hum just like this image.

the story i see: after damaging the earths ecosystem to the point of triggering catastrophic worldwide events, humanity runs to one of two refuges. under the sea and into the stars. the rules that ruined the earth no longer apply and the new rulers are the ones that provide this massive shelter

title: Transhipment

artist tag: lao-wa

found at: deviant art


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Thursday, January 23, 2014

the premise 10: the technologist

modok, tony stark, mr. fantastic, what would that look like as one person. a slim muscular man in only bicycle shorts with a a dark rich tam as his sits upon his golden floating lounger. he is connected to any network and any system. his chair can change shapes to provide any kind of support he needs and can fold away for discreet carrying. his mind is like a computer it moves and processes thoughts faster than he can get them out so for him his metal chair makes him more human to the worlds as it presents him as something closer to us than the being he actually is.

reverse reverse

this is to funny, i can already see the chibi hijinks.gung ho as dr. mindbender that is worth it all

the story i see: lots and lots of jokes and joe geek references (i been reading the larry hamma stuff from the 80's)

 title: GI JOE Mirror Universe

artist tag: thebobguy

found at: deviant art


this image@: dev art site

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

the premise 9: demon witch

an old woman with a leathery face full of wrinkles, and silver white hair with a few streaks of jet black strands from her youth pulled back into a shabby ponytail. she wears a woman’s business suit a skirt and a blazer over a beige ruffled shirt, the modern cloths of a woman of power but she carries a staff more akin to a lost tree branch with a bulbous head that at first glance you would think it was a caveman’s club but it is the buildup of energy since her last use of a powerful spell.