Wednesday, January 22, 2014

the so called perfect set up

if only we could be provided a full ride to learn something that would allow us to build a life and a future for ourselves with out living at home, mind shattering doubt, college loan debt, a futile first job, no real retirement money, and a few other things that would make you want to cry. i like the fun in this image, it makes me happy, it makes me think, it makes me want to curse at some lucky person somewhere.

the story i see: after generations of her family living the american dream it is "jenny's" turn to go make something of her self on her 18th birthday the first day of college. little does she know that deep inside her is a desire to find out what life is about as she meets all the usual characters from any usual college from the stonner, the worldly one, to the convincing lesbian, to the teachers that love her and hate her. all the while trying to figure out how her parents have so much money to give her when they don't make that much. real life will change her all american self into 'just another girl at school'.

title: Collegebound

artist tag: Jebriodo

found at: deviant art


this image@: dev art site

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