Thursday, January 16, 2014

the premise 4: the shape smith (for lack of a real title)

a striking woman, one you don’t forget seeing. She is seated on the floor with her legs in front of her, her knees near her chest in a loin cloth that bunches on the floor because of its length. even seated you can tell she is very tall, she is over 7 feet high. but it is the muscle tone on her body as her strapless halter top exposes the mildly defined curves of her muscles. her thighs are large and powerful without being grotesque or off putting on a woman. but it is her ebony skin, her bald head and her ethnic facial feature that show her beauty as she gazes off into nowhere. from outward appearances she looks to be a middle aged woman but she is over the age of 60 and you can only tell by the slight glimpse in her

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