Tuesday, February 18, 2014

no way

this is a cosplay because no way can she hold up that sword. hahahahahahhahahahahahah. cosplay made out of styrofoam.

the story i see: she is not an avenger, she is not a demon worrior, she is a contestant in the greatest sword fight in the world.

title: lirinWIP

artist tag: jinh-yuhn

found at: deviant art

artist@: jinh-yuhn.deviantart.com

this image@: dev art site

Monday, February 17, 2014

why are we not in space the way we could be

i love this space suit, and with cutting edge designs like this why is nasa not running after every artist out there to get some fresh ideas to make this space a real thing. i want to own mars by the end of my life time!

the story i see: we are on the moon and we are exploring the caverns and depth of the rock in hopes of finding gold and precious metals. but the truth is why build buildings when you can reinforce sealed caves.

title: inctober 5...err ist

artist tag: chriscopeland

found at: deviant art

artist@: www.ianspirational.blogspot.com

this image@: dev art site

Sunday, February 16, 2014

jack is looking for her

in all the pirates movies this is all jack has been really looking for, a woman who can compliment him and is sexy as hell.

the story is see: she is no pirate but her love is and when he gets back to their island home the good life can begin.

title: swashbuckler

artist tag: guava

found at: deviant art

artist@: www.franceillustrations.com

this image@: dev art site

Saturday, February 15, 2014

i should have posted this yesterday

happy day after doing all that love stuff and spending money on her. but this is a reminder that not all love is pretty.

the story i see: when you make your girlfriend mad this is how she gets

title: Butterface

artist tag: t-wei

found at: deviant art

artist@: www.t-wei.com

this image@: dev art site

Friday, February 14, 2014

well i'll be.....

a techno goblin angel! this is a first for me and i love firsts when do you ever get stumped by something because its a great feeling it means growth and learning.

the story i see: after generations of fighting in the old ways the goblins have both developed technology and stolen and adapted the wondrous advances of their enemies. now the goblin horde is a true power to be feared and negotiated with as they plan on building a grander empire.

title: Slayer Paints

artist tag: frogbillgo

found at: deviant art

artist@: www.bigmenaceindustries.com

this image@: dev art site

Thursday, February 13, 2014

the clock ticks

we all get old but how often do you take a good look at how much you have grown?

title: growth

artist tag: artnerdx

found at: deviant art

artist@: www.facebook.com/Beejaymaniac

this image@: dev art site

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

an excersise in the line

follow a strand and see where it goes but to be able to mirror it so closely is a nice skill indeed, well its art and even if it isn't matched you can still feel the reflection.

the story i see: i don't have one

title: 2009

artist tag: mooneleenot

found at: deviant art

artist@: www.facebook.com/ceecee.lee

this image@: dev art site

Monday, February 3, 2014

the straight line rules, but the curve is the master

ask any person to draw a straight line and you get something else, ask someone to draw a curve of a silhouette and you get a blank stare. so when you see something that an outsider might say is easy or simple you have to stop and tell them "you know nothing". the simple thing of understanding perspective puts this on a step above normal people bit the scope and detail and patience it takes to make this show this is the building block towards the mastery of the skill of drawing.

the story is see: the birds eye view of some one who skirts the line between wondering how small and insignificant and contemptible we human are, and what wonderful people who need a watch full eye to ensure they achieve their potential,

title: Buildings

artist tag: pedramfh

found at: deviant art

artist@: pedramfh.tumblr.com

this image@: dev art site

Sunday, February 2, 2014

the deep shall rise again

i love the expression on this mer-woman's fac, she doesn't need to be all smiles and bubbles but something strong and serious, she lives in the harshest environment on earth, the deep sea. i have been on a fish person bender for a little while so i'll keep it short as the art speaks for itself.

the story i see: the treat of global warming was misunderstood by the masses as the scientist have never been accurately depicted in the media. they have always been turned into sound bites to sensationalize any topic. what they were all screaming about was that the warming earth will cause the ice caps to melt, adding water to the oceans. the first effect is the rising sea level and the vanishing coast line but the secondary effect would be the desalinization of the seas, the current water cycles and currents are a direct result of their current salt constant that allows massive water currents like the winds. once the salt level drops and they cease to move the highly slow moving fresh water will start to freeze, bringing a 'third' coming of the ice age. the second is the one we know in our history as killing the dinosaurs but the first is the one that allowed humanity to exist. as all life started from the primordial ooze some of it chose not to breath the burning air in their lungs but the cold icy oxygenated water. as the earth warmed they could or would not adapt and fell into a powerful hibernation. as time passed their great world became covered by new dirt from the fast growing underwater volcanoes that became the seven continents. so unlike the dinosaurs they never became extinct they only became buried. and as humanity ices the planet they shall rise and any human left must now return to them the watery earth.

title: Mermaid

artist tag: JenZee

found at: deviant art

artist@: jenzeejunk.blogspot.com

this image@: dev art site

Saturday, February 1, 2014

goodness man, i have to talk on this

i have a few directions i am about to go into so strap in and come along.

i love gambit he is the coolest of the x-men that i know, thier might be someone else burried under the the teams official roster. i think not! the art on this give a finite personality to all the history about the man, and its just a bust. there are plenty of other gambit images i have posted and even more out there, but this one is the f-ing one. you could base all of the gambit art around this. this is who he is and this is the source material. period. and like i said it's just a bust. the thing is you have to see the art collection of other x-men

the other x-men

you are just a freelance artist? how in all the seven hells are you not snapped up as top rank interior artist, or at the very least the official cover artist of someone! this is why i do this blog i want to give artist shine but i know you are happy and successful but i want to see yours and many other artist post projects that i could buy, collect and ogle. i can tell you now to kickstart something, any thing and i will put my money behind it (that goes for any other artist up on my site, i've already given recommendations).

i have ideas, and so does any other person walking down the street. but i will be putting them into action (just dont ask when) but i promise you this when i am able to i will be hiring you to do something, any thing, or, everything possible. if i could right now this second i would start a new artist comiunity in a small town where a hub of artist and writes come together just to make great products. a constant stream of high caliber books and stories, where the art work weather dynamic like yours or relaxed like chibi merges with stories that are told with meaning and heart. and then add a dash of marketing and whole lot of vision. its all about the vision its the dream that drives the soul of any machine.

the story i see: you redux-ing jim lee's x-men #1 from the 90's panel for panel with your art style and as he sits in his DC office reading it over he damn near has a heart attach and craps his pants as he rushes to call some one from marvel to try and get the first story arc from that title redux-ed and sold so that when the collected edition comes out he everyone can then cash in on possibilities of the 90's boom all over again.

oh and if you are indeed still 26 years old, i am more mad at myself then ever for not sticking with drawing when i was 14 years old. because if i did and i tried as hard as i could my life would be with you guys and not with what the world tells you it should be, the working dead.

update after i wrote this:

i found your project and i am funding it, hopefully more people will to

title: Gambit

artist tag: DavidRapozaArt

found at: deviant art

artist@: daverapoza.blogspot.com

this image@: dev art site

the team