Tuesday, December 31, 2013

i cant wait

till the new years to start putting up commemorative posts! you know the kind that inspires for 365 days or tell you all how much of a better person i will be starting the 1st. but why wait in the new 2014 year i want to have as much fun as anyone who draws, my goal is to get to a sketching skill level. so whats your 2014 going to be all about? i hope its about the joy of art.

the story i see: "you create your own luck, you make time, and you build joy out of everything you do" said jones blake - that's me

title: the joy of figure painting

artist tag: Bob-Rz

found at: deviant art

artist@: www.rzielabs.com

this image@: dev art site

Saturday, December 28, 2013

she booty

that was very crass. but a woman like this is use to such comments. i like how her peg leg doesn't cramp her style.

the story i see: when many a captain only took a woman aboard his ship as a wench or maybe a cook this one defied the odds of not only becoming a pirate but the captain of her own ship. respect comes at a high price in a world of treachery and murder but when you have it, people know not to ask how you lost your leg. they just listen to all the legends about how it happened.

title: Sketches

artist tag: FUNKYMONKEY1945

found at: deviant art

artist@: funkymonkey1945.deviantart.com

this image@: dev art site

Friday, December 27, 2013

the power of pressure, not zeros and ones

the might of the world was showcased before the digital revolution. now we face each other behind fake faces and with anonymity so we say anything just cause we think we can. there was a time where if you said it people saw you and it you did something people felt it. now i'm not running to hand in my high definition tv or the comforts of knowing whats going on thanks to satellite communication and positioning but you cant tell me the wwii engines on this lady don't look like they could kick some ass from here to the other side of the world.

the story i see: the pan european war (not wwii) has been raging for some time and to try and end it, london has reach out to its mighty colony in north america. although the place is full of left wing right brained individuals being told what to do by right wing right side leaders that let all manner of inconceivable ideas fly by. and to that divergence of energies they have developed the new air superiority fight unit meant to defend the skies and punish the land with high maneuverability and low cross section for targeting. at a reduced manufacturing cost of traditional planes this units are as easy to over saturate the skies as it is for a pigeon to cover a statue in poop.

title: 20120203

artist tag: ArdenRey

found at: deviant art

artist@: ardenrey.deviantart.com

this image@: dev art site

Thursday, December 26, 2013

the gift of stuff

so its the day after xmas and all we are doing is thinging about the stuff we got or we wanted and diddn;t get, or even worse the stuff we are waiting to to pay for and have delivered to us. i got stuff and you got stuff but we never think to much of the ones who think up and design the stuff. i especialy never focus on product or item design, i can tell you all the charachter and the few landscapes i've got stored up for my future posts but how many containers or weapons have i put up? you know it takes a special skill to come up with a beautiful well accepted design, cause if not we would be covered in ugly shit.

no story to tell

title: PSP 2.0

artist tag: torokun

found at: deviant art

artist@: torokun.deviantart.com

this image@: dev art site

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

screw your floating city

in all honesty you never expect to see a giant robot pounding a small flying city. this is crazy its just mile a minute action movie, i want midnight release tickets for this. what was the inspiration for this, honestly i want a response what made you think of this and do it? we all know that is the spark of a great conversation.

the story i see: the two waring state have long been decimating each other and at the close of the war with the few resources they each have left they gamble on survival, one side to build an impenetrable  fortress another an unstoppable ware machine. and one they they collide.

title: I bear Grudges

artist tag: DarkMechanic

found at: deviant art

artist@: www.danmorison.com

this image@: dev art site

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

holy curse word

ok wait this is the result of a accidental style discovery? they say a bad cook discovered gunpowder in china 100s of years ago. the point. the point is experimentation can take anyone's craft to unexpected places, this makes me think of a stained glass pictograph one of many that tell the story of a long ago legend. i want more tell me a story show me what cities look like what life is like in a place that looks as good as this.

the story i see: the legend tells of a time when great beasts where folk lore. so even then people did not believe in the things the said roamed the land. every no and then a tall tale would make its rounds and this is one such story that no one believed and here is what it says. a once lowly man begs for a change in his fortune only to find himself changing into a beast far from human. his friends and family watch the change and shun him. believing himself cursed the man left and explored the world, always staying far from people and looking never to be seen. after years of watching someone takes notice and starts to keep a watchful eye to the sky. and when stories of a flying monster start to spread many say it is the stuff of old wives tales other say it is that of the fearful and superstitious. some think it is the cause for a great adventure, so one by one many young and brave men go and never return, why they do not come back has never been discovered, but when you go to face a monster you prepare to be eaten. in actuality the battles take place far from anyplace the brave men could wish to return. the sky over the see where only the birds dare. so when you fight and if you lose their is no place for you to go but to the depths of the seas. although the monster has done no wrong he is hunted and spoken about as a great evil, since his core is that of a man that only wanted more for himself he never desired ill will towards others so he lives on and waits for those who would wish to encounter him and maybe run him thru.

title: The Decent

artist tag: Wes Talbott

found at: deviant art

artist@: westalbott.com

this image@: dev art site

Monday, December 23, 2013

does he fix or does he break

he looks like he brings the damage but that might be exactly what a problem needs. i like the design and the equipment i want to see him in his own world putting his hardware and skills to good use

the story i see: an actual mechanic and neighborhood handy man finds himself helping the everyday people in his wrong side of town. people who are victims of circumstance or the people who use what they have to prey on those who don't have enough to help themselves. sometimes it takes a stern warning sometimes it takes some well placed tools into some very important places to help fix a problem. if a truck full of goons is missing the pipe that connects the fuel to the engine that may save a building from being ransacked. and if it takes a chainsaw attach in the lobby of a office that is a front for a criminal enterprise to distract them from what they were planning i think i can fall that a fix.

title: Mechanic

artist tag: Xeromander

found at: deviant art

artist@: xeromander.deviantart.com

this image@: dev art site

Sunday, December 22, 2013


have you ever been sucked into a world like when kids get magically transported to far off lands for adventures? have you ever looked into a world and they have never noticed you doing it? that is what is going on when you see the richness of this image, from the background the props and the emotions you get from the people. this is real living life on paper where the story can change your perspective on life. yes i said life a lot hahahahah.

the story i see: a boy after finding some strange artifact or book in his fathers study asks him about it and is told the tale of how in his youth his father traveled, met his mother and found adventures to fill the book he will one day pass on to the son once he comes of age.

title: Golden color sunlight

artist tag: peggyly

found at: deviant art

artist@: peggyly.deviantart.com

this image@: dev art site

Saturday, December 21, 2013

who have you made lately

seriously, who? even if you made them while on the phone waiting for customer service make someone, they need no story they tell it themselves. i believe a great story or adventure can be born from a thought that sparks a character.

the story i see: as a young man travels he paints a picture of himself as he grows and the people he meets.

title: The Kinetic Kartel -1

artist tag: ChaseConley

found at: deviant art

artist@: chaseconley.tumblr.com

this image@: dev art site

Friday, December 20, 2013

why they sent the job out for a bid

some work you don't want done in house, you find yourself a good contractor such a this non standard issue military man finding something you don't train for in the governments army. even though its just lines you can see the foundation for what its going to become a sharp comic or a high end animation. this looks like big budget shit to me!

the story i see: a special contractor is called in by the powers that be to investigate and extract data from a newly discovered enemy installation. what has been going on is his job to find out and bring back. they are paying hem well for two things, one he can do his job very well , and two he can keep his mouth shut under any circumstance. a man who can keep himself in one piece in the face of chaos is worth more than kings and gold when it comes time to do some unsavory work, such as send him into a next gen bio lab with bullets, a knife , and no warning.

title: Suripingu Byuti

artist tag: algenpfleger

found at: deviant art

artist@: algenpfleger.blogspot.com

this image@: dev art site

Thursday, December 19, 2013

if your mom was this cool would she be mad at you

honestly if you are in the prime of you life running free and doing as you please would you be upset that someone said "stop" you are in charge of me now! the circle of life is beautiful and parents always want their kids, but can you see this as a plus to her equation or a minus. it could be either way i want you to think about it.

the story i see: a free spirit finds the only person to be worthy of fathering her child, a mind that is open, a heart that is big, and a soul that will fuel not only him self but her and their child.

 title: gift of life

artist tag: theSIGNer

found at: deviant art

artist@: www.facebook.com/thesigner.art

this image@: dev art site

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

kill bots in outer space

what do we want robots that shot things, explosions, and a cool look to all of it.

the story i see: the war is at a stalemate, any victories are countered with losses immediately for both sides, the tools are old, the men are tired, and the point is long gone. so the few who think they have some sense and morality left with in themselves decide that the only thing to do is end the fighting and to to that you must win unquestionably. and to that end they have worked tirelessly to bring forth their kill bot a weapon unlike any other in play. and when they send it out to war only one of the many men who created it prays that he has made the right decision.

title: RMD -S01"Azure Squire"

artist tag: ClawOfTheFallen

found at: deviant art

artist@: clawofthefallen.deviantart.com

this image@: dev art site

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

the day is coming

when we will will be advanced with the technology we carry in our pockets or use on our desks. and it will always be the sexy chicks that will be the most vocal about what ever cause is happening a the time and use the implanted technology to make the whole movement sexy and evil at the same time. but that is not a bad quick sketch. to think when you are just putting some ideas on paper or tablet that you might get so into the one that you 80% flesh it out.

the story i see: in the future we move 3 steps forward and 5 steps back where we are advanced enough to survive the unforgiving planet with out the aid of the tools we once use to protect our bodies and our lives. so as people live longer, better, and freer, we start to revert to a tribe mentality where cloths are of little use, family and leaders are everything, and battle to prove ourselves and maintain the new resources that we covet are everything. so female warriors fight in different ways then the males who draw blood openly.

title: cyberpunkish

artist tag: ariokh

found at: deviant art

artist@: www.cannibalcandy.com

this image@: dev art site

Monday, December 16, 2013

for everyone here

thank you for taking the time to look and see, you could be doing a lot of other things on the Internet, especially if you are using a smart phone, but you choose to spend a few minutes looking at what i look at. i've seen a lot of things over the years and not all of it illustration or comic art but that is a story for another time and older ears. the thing whit seeing is that it is connected to feeling not touch but emotion so what do you feel when you see something on this site? what do you feel when you see any art anywhere? where if you don't tell me tell others, share what you see so others can feel how you do or different. either way people will feel after seeing.

the story i see: emotions, a window to a painting that i would need a thousand words for and i don't have any more to describe with

title: alone

artist tag: tvonn9

found at: deviant art

artist@: tvonn9.deviantart.com

this image@: dev art site

Saturday, December 14, 2013

the science of the window to your soul

training in the basics gets you to be a master. kung-fu, music, school, art this is how you become good and better than others.

title: test eye tutorial

artist tag: DavidSequeira

found at: deviant art

artist@: lecrayondiabolique.blogspot.com

this image@: dev art site

Friday, December 13, 2013

two sides a lady

no women have don't have just to sides to them, they are the most complex thing on the planet earth, engineers can get us to the moon and understand what makes the sun work but tell you what a woman is all about the greatest minds have tried and come a few steps further then most men. now a gorgon is nowhere close to a regular woman after all she has some ongoing issues but i have never seen one this mad and this calm.

the story i see: the land of atlantis has many races and one of them is the ancient thought of gorgons, one of which is the mad woman who we see on the run and terrorizing the surface dwellers. her madness has caused her evolution into a hydra class beast. with her threat so great to so many people they send a regular officer to apprehend her, lets hope this sole hero can save us.

title:Atlantide Gorgone

artist tag: ChristianNauck

found at: deviant art

artist@: www.nusillu.com

this image@: dev art site

Thursday, December 12, 2013

its suppose to be imple and easy

straight forward, laid out easily, and only needs to be filled in with the depth. now to tell you that all goes to the idea of being an artist and not this image. i want to be fair and not come off as a know it all or bully but the source i go this picture from has as it appears given up. i have no idea what happened but they posted this one image. their are lots of things that could have happened, he could have gave up, lost interest, just posted something he liked, died, got busy with life, who knows but it is a reminder that we all want this in our lives and although we can not do only this all the time we hope and pray we don't look back 10 years from now asking why didn't we keep up with it. i know if i stayed drawing like i was at age 14 the grown man i am today would be able to do some of the things i post up here. so as i try to continue building at least a steady blog, i hope to learn to sketch before i die, and write several stories at least for myself before the next five years are up. so do the same make a plan and shoot for your goals.

no story to be told zelda has told himself.

title: Link

artist tag: Byalugon1797

found at: deviant art

artist@: byalugon1797.deviantart.com

this image@: dev art site

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

all the details of a pencil

its more than the wood tin rubber and graphite its the tones of grey. the light is made of grey the shadows is made of grey the lines and colors are made of grey, that is what the details of a pencil mean to me. on top of that this looks like fun i want to see how mad the lady gets and what if anything bother the big guy, not to mention what the older man in the back knows.

the story i see: after a long chase the newly minted trio all finding each other have decided to go in with out the calvery and get the bounty on the man hidden in the cave, the woman has an arm to get back because no one make a rophy out of her, the old man has to many responsibilities to deal with no to go after the money and the tall one wants to help.

title: High Fantasy Western

artist tag: LuisEscobar

found at: deviant art

artist@: www.luisescobarblog.com

this image@: dev art site

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

ceremony has purpose

i hate ceremony, i use to get pissed off waiting for someone to make a show out of something that could be done in 5 minutes. but when you get older and have been forced to tolerate ceremony you get to understand its importance and purpose. so when i see a beautifully ornate woman with a sword i don't get mad thinking what is all that for, i think what is the importance of her being here doing this and who are the people back home counting on her doing what she is about to do.

the story is see: a maiden is prepared to face a ritual menace, one that over the generations has come to the agreement that if one woman can best him with out killing him he would not attach and protect the people by claiming their home as his territory against his kind. so she must fight for her life and yet spare the terror, if not she invites all manner of unknown.

title: Snow Dragon

artist tag: Andrew-Ross Maclean

found at: deviant art

artist@: andrew-ross-maclean.deviantart.com

this image@: dev art site

Monday, December 9, 2013

i love her

and she looks fun

title: venessa the knockout

artist tag: anjinanhut

found at: deviant art

artist@: www.anjinanhut.net

this image@: dev art site

three generations of take my money

give them to me, anyway you can send it. comics, cartoons, toys, video games robotech battlecry was a tough game to beat and fun as hell. but just looking at these three together reminds me how much i stop in my tracks every time i first see a new macross veritech fighter. yes that is a mixture f the american and japanese titles.

no story beyond all the animation they have produced.

title: My Favorite Bots No. 2

artist tag: donFig

found at: deviant art

artist@: donfig.deviantart.com

this image@: dev art site

no title just a post

sometimes i don't have anything to say and i don't post a picture, this time i really didn't want to do that.

the story i see: as she walks out of her town she looks to see and learn, new things are what she looks for because once you have been shown a wonder you will always want to see more.

title: Presentiment

artist tag: sweetmoon

found at: deviant art

artist@: mangetsu.fc2web.com

this image@: dev art site

Sunday, December 8, 2013

reading is important

my whole idea of this image has changed three times because i have seen the name and interpreted it differently each time. but i want to remember that either way i see this i just want to see who else runs around in his world.

the story i see: a war amungst the gods of egypt, anubis against the heavens

title: Anubismon

artist tag: Niking

found at: deviant art

artist@: niking.deviantart.com

this image@: dev art site

scary yet nobel

when you look at a name you get an idea of what you are going to see but for some reason i see a nobility in this character.

the story i see: a proud beast man must leave his home and search for a way to help his people in a world where his kind is vilified. he must find bravery he doesn't believe he has and cunning to not only survive but come back with the hope his people need.

title: dreadwolf

artist tag: Hodori

found at: deviant art

artist@: hodori.deviantart.com

this image@: dev art site

when men wear fishnets

this is the only time i can see myself getting fishnet stocking material for myself. i would go all out to dress up as a styalized ninja, because even though its not tactical in the sense of sneaking around a real place gives of a sense of style and confidence.

the story is see: none. i had to do some research as this was a tribute and the original creator was new to me. so i wound up finding a new catalog of material i want to read and see.


artist tag: HitoshiAriga

found at: deviant art

artist@: hitoshiariga.deviantart.com

this image@: dev art site

Saturday, December 7, 2013

flesh and metal

they stand apart but they stand side by side, but the boomerang is it controlled by skill, psychic power, or remote control? because looking at that size i can tell its can get some distance. and a robot partner is literally a walking tank, who's he got to fear and what can really stop him? i cant wait to see the enemies they face and the places they travel too.

the story i see: got nothing, the artist has a great vision and description on the original page.

 title: Karis

artist tag: nikogeyer

found at: deviant art

artist@: www.nikogeyer.com

this image@: dev art site

dont forget the content of the art

their are art styles and art work that you cant say are not done well but sometimes you stop and say its the same thing, its just like the other one i saw over there, everyone has been doing this for 60 years. everyone adds their own spin on anything they do so no it is not all the same but it can be similar. so content matters, how you can see above. i have never seen a battle between what i see as an angel and a demon depicted this way before. the all white demon most likely is not brand new but i have never seen it in a way that strikes me this way. i am caught studying what this is trying to tell me. this is what art critics actually do, i never knew until now. so the content the connection between what makes you different and and what everyone else sees is what i consider to be the line artist cross to make great art.

the story is see: a wondering angel in a different plane of assistance is encountered by an entity that only wants to talk to convince her but she knows and has been taught deep in her heart these things and their words are to be rejected and destroyed. the angel is the bad guy.

title: The last temptation

artist tag: Veramundis

found at: deviant art

artist@: veramundis.deviantart.com

this image@: dev art site

the depth of pencil magic

i have drawn different kinds of zig zags on paper since i was able to hold a pencil, but i have never master the craft of shade. yes, shade, where potentially the same piece of lead can give you hundreds of different kinds of tones of gray that make a line come alive. if i ever find a magic jinn my first wish is to learn how to do this that you see in the image above.

the story i see:the world of bugs has evolved beyond the tiny insect that we crush under foot into the dominant life form on earth. massive intelligent communicating bugs of all kind build hives and cities around the world and as expected humanity fights to avoid not extinction but being number two on the ruling list. to avoid war the insects bring an arbitrator and emissary to bridge the gap and bring balance to the cycle of life.

title:  Technobeetle W.I.P. shots

artist tag: Miles-Johnston

found at: deviant art

artist@: miles-johnston.tumblr.com

this image@:  dev art site

Friday, December 6, 2013

angels have to do stuff too

now this caught e off guard, you never expect an angel to look like they have something to do. this one looks like they have some formal function they are headed to. not that what ever human they came to help is not important or that the angel is vain and dresses cause she has the body and face of a, well you know angel. its just that wow she looks stunning in a spiritual and respectful manner and you always expect white robes and not all of this. the art is on point this is marker magic at its finest, you have to look closely to see that this is marker work.

the story i see: a man or woman survives a near death experience and then an angel discovers that they are stuck halfway between the worlds and starts to aid her in being a better person and to help mankind in her small and special way. that is so that she can one day join the ranks of angels that watch over the earth.

title: vasya

artist tag: kate-niemczyk

found at: deviant art

artist@: www.division48.com

this image@: dev art site

as they say online, when you see it

ok the only thing not colored is the subject of the image. but look how cool the artwork of the whole thing is!

the story i see: a mountain yeti watching over a ski shale where the kids play never knowing that he keeps the cold monsters at bay.

title: glue

artist tag: beaston

found at: deviant art

artist@: www.beastwrong.blogspot.com

this image@: dev art site

and here we see a beginning

ah yes the very beginning. scientist wish they could see the big bang, the first moment in all of history, but they can not. i do understand the feeling of wanting to be their before it was anything before their where any fans, endings, stories, when it was just a spark, when it was just an idea, a sketch. and here we have it the very beginning of a universe all from a sketch of a girl with emotion in her eyes. what happened to her, whats going to happen around her, where is she, w=who is she, when in the world will this all take place, and why. those are the questions we get to see asked and then answered. so enjoy the sketch and ope for a world bigger and richer than the artist ever imagined.

the story i see: shielding herself lightly from the bright light a man rides past her damaged town on his horse and looks upon the town and its many soot covers survivors. she hopes to ask for help but knows any more strangers could burn down what is left of her home, but she cannot just let people come and go with out trying to know who they are. and this man is very much a stranger but very far from the men who did their worst to her town, he might be the one who helps rebuild it.

title: Sketch progress

artist tag: frecklefaced29

found at: deviant art

artist@: nnayam.blogspot.com

this image@: dev art site

the great american super robot

and as usual highly under rated. this was a great movie with a solid cast and well enginered robot. they say people have watched the dvd more than they went to the theaters for it and i would hope so because the creator of this story is now a pixar hero (what i call any writer or director at pixar). so even in white paper and black lines this robot shines.

the story i see: after returning to space and unfortunately giving earths conditions to the various life forms in space giant returns with the help of milo to become earths personal protector with a new spin that shy's away from the super gun robot motif that giant really is.

title: Iron Giant

artist tag: andyparkart

found at: deviant art

artist@: www.andyparkart.com

this image@: dev art site

Thursday, December 5, 2013

late tot he table but not late to the show

yes they are back and season two has already started. i grew up on ninja turtules and i know kids now who cant get enough of them. its  fun, it has a rich history, a well developed world, tons of characters, and ninja action galor. that goes for the old version, remade version and the new version. so anyone out their who has an idea just know this all started from a sketch and a joke of a slow turtle in a nija get up. so when i see the concepts and single images that i post here know that they all have the potential to be great worlds a super stories.

the story is see: is brand new every friday night on my local cable channel!

title: TMNT2012

artist tag: nmrbk (Nemu)

found at: deviant art

artist@: nemuri.sakura.ne.jp
at deviant art

this image@: dev art site

i have yet to take a walk like this

they say we are now stuck to technology, that we are disconnected from the earth unless it is an image we see on our smartphones that someone took while out in the world before they got themselves plugged back into their device. do you think no one goes out anymore? i would say it depends on your circle, my personal circle only goes out to snowboard, but besides that we live by anything that runs on electricity. i hope to try and add a little more or nature to my life.

the story i see: a man on a routine walk as he is a traveler stops for a moment to take in the beauty that is this rock and water passage. although it is wonderful to behold he knows he has to continue as their are important things for him to attend to once he reaches his destination.

title: discover

artist tag: Wen-Xaeroaaa

found at: deviant art

artist@: wen-xaeroaaa.deviantart.com

this image@: dev art site

they say you have a riddle to ask

i am far from knowing anything about a sphinx, all i know is it is a cap with a persons face, lives in egypt, and supposedly has a riddle. oh well this long lost cousin of the griffon can prance around and sit on my couch like the house cat it is.

the story i see: a mythical creature lives in a forest where only legends and word of mouth tell of it. but one day a boy either by chance or foolhardiness walks into the forest thinking nothing much of actually meeting this being does. and with a riddle befriends a mighty spirit that takes him for the journey of a lifetime to learn the truths of the earth.

title: The Sphinx

artist tag: eDuffRancisco

found at: deviant art

artist@: edufrancisco.daportfolio.com

this image@: dev art site

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

the one eyed man is the king of the blind

that is a story that we've all heard but this is not the case with the man pictured here. he is the blind swordsman depicted in over a dozen made for tv movies in japan and several adaptation including the 2000's theatrical film. yea i seen it and some of the tv show it beats the us 80's version of a blind swordsman hands down. the thing with Zatoichi is their is no story i could tell that is better than the ones that exist but i'll take a crack at it.

the story i see: after proving himself again and again, Zatoichi finds himself in a town he has been in before but few remember him and less talk about him but the one who hears holds a grudge to be settled with the old man. and a test of skill is had.

title: Zatoichi

artist tag: tincan21

found at: deviant art

artist@: tincan21.deviantart.com

this image@: dev art site

not the planed life they tell you

ok so you are suppose to get good grades, go to college, and then have a nice career doing something from 9 am to 5 pm. that is the plan they preach and most people reading this know that is not what they do and that is not what they planed on doing. some are lucky enough to attempt to live their dreams. others are not even trying and are just getting by. that is why when i see someone looking like this i want to believe they knew better than to fool themselves with the fake dream they give all of us and they are in the middle of their own life

the story i see: after rejecting the cookie cutter planed out life her family was trying to get her to buy into, she decided to go see the world. although all her teachers thought she could be wasting all the potential she has as a bright individual and smart student to just coast across the country with no plan or direction, she has a plan. she is going to follow the music because their lies kindred souls, smart people and crocks she has to learn how to avoid and deal with in any part of life she will ever have. so here she is battered and tired but wiser and not in the mood for your crap.

title: Cobra Volante Dio

artist tag: deathbox

found at: deviant art

artist@: deathbox-was-taken.deviantart.com

this image@: dev art site

its a complicated joke

so i imagine the spark from this idea to come from one of a few places. a conversation while having an altered mind state do to liquids gases or ingestables. a randomly sparking mind tha happened to piece these two thing together while they should have been focusing on other things. a person with a morbid thought pattern that feels the need to vent their skewed perception of the world in a condescending way that you and i don't yet perceive. or better yet a funny idea turned to life because a wolf is not that far off from a bear when you thing of scary things in the woods that might get you.

the story i see: the young boys and girls who use to be helped and guided by the wonderfull carebears are now older and suffering ffrom the realities of being 20 something growm up. so the care bears call in thier breatherin from the enchanted cloud forest in the sky the care-weres to go show them the stronger more assertive force of magic and life.

title: Curse of the CareWeres

artist tag: Winter-artwork

found at: deviant art

artist@: to many places to link

this image@: dev art site

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

pride in ownership

is it the man or the tool, both damn-it! you can be good with either or but both are what separate the many who want too from the few that do, stand apart as exceptional.

title: G pen inking

artist tag: bordon

found at: deviant art

artist@: www.velvethurricane.com.ar

this image@: dev art site

i love concepts

even when they are not done, they still spark my imagination. i can travel to another world and see an epic adventure when ever i see a concept. you know what i'm going to start telling stories for all the pictures i put up here and see how you guys like the worlds i see inside my head. now this one is when someone is feed up being treated like they are beneath  others and taken advantage of so they are forced to fight back the best way they know how. that was half a story but hey one day i'll put a novel up for each picture.

title: Barbed Monk

artist tag: Zatransis

found at: deviant art

artist@: www.bigmenaceindustries.com

this image@: dev art site

you can always tell when its a still life

animation is my thing. i love it, it entertains me, and it can do so many things. the only thing is that it can be so expensive to make especialy withthe detail you see in this image. you can do it in cgi, i love the stuff but 2d is still amazing. either way when you see detail like this you can tell it wont be translated into animation but then again who here has any problems with sequential art. i read, collect, and spend a lot of money on it. so when this picture becomes a comic ongoing or limited i will be investing in it.

title: Archer

artist tag: EduardVisan

found at: deviant art

artist@: eduard-visan.blogspot.com

this image@: dev art site

Monday, December 2, 2013

stressed and calm all at the same time

a cigar is meant for leisure times, the need for multiple guns is a sign of crisis.

title: Abe Sapien

artist tag: JHarren

found at: deviant art

artist@: jharren.blogspot.com

this image@: dev art site

lucky both ways if you ask me

why? because their is nothing better than knowing you are not alone and being able to work your stress off with some pencil magic. those who cant draw, comment.

title: She Won't Forsake Me

artist tag: NanoMortis

found at: deviant art

artist@: nanomortis.deviantart.com

this image@: dev art site

two down three more to go

wait we got five boroghs in nyc, we need to start expanding the spiderman patrol squad.


artist tag: HamletMachine

found at: deviant art

artist@: starfightercomic.com

this image@: dev art page

Saturday, August 3, 2013

scarface said.....

the world is yours, and indeed it is. how to have it and when you shouldn't is never answered by the wise criminal antonio montana and so everyone tries to gobble it up and this is what we have.

title: Greed

artist tag: Liol

found at: deviant art

artist@: liol

this image@: dev art site

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

in all fairness

a few posts back i featured the art of eduf but it was captured by zaratus {seen in the link}. so the only right thing to do is to actually find something special of the handy hand that provided that knight of the zodiac. saint seiya! so the high;y influential calvin and hobbes in the subject and back ground.

title: Calvin and Hobbes
Inking Mai

artist tag: eDufRancisco

found at: deviant art

artist@: edufrancisco.daportfolio.com

this image@: c and h dev art site
mai dev art site

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

one cool wolf

or is it a dog? first things first i want to ask for permission in this very message to post this wonderful image you have created. i even left the cool id number and the do not duplicate watermark. besides their is no way i would have the skills or tools to take that of hahahahah. i would love to see this style used in more than just singular pieces have you ever considered a  larger project even something with a looser story? i can see this a a package design but i want to see 090820 so more things and his buddies such as 'little lion man'-120213 and 110702 or 090811.

title: 090820

artist tag: BlueBerserker

found at: deviant art

artist@: blueberserker

this image@: dev art site

Monday, July 29, 2013

great enemy, better ally

i want more recognition for dragon ball with out the z. anyway this is a great example of skill and simplicity, if you have this hanging on your wall somewhere guys will nod knowing you have a great sense of homage to your childhood. women will ask why your artwork is so interesting, not to many of them will know to ask you why do you have picoalo and not goku on your wall.

title: Diamaku

artist tag: nelsondaniel

found at: deviant art

artist@: nelson-daniel.blogspot.com

this image@: dev art site

Sunday, July 28, 2013

your picture your credit

ok so this is post is f a picture of another artist working so who do i give credit to, well you read the title and can see that i am feeling lazy and righteous. so the picture takes gets the links he can aways forward this along and you can also do some link level diving as everything leads to the artist in the end. but you never get to see art get made if its not in person at a convention or by the few people who make youtube videos of work in progress. enjoy a look at a chef in his kitchen before he brings out the fabulous meal.

title: COMIC PROCESS shaka de virgo

artist tag: zaratus

found at: deviant art

artist@: www.facebook.com/Crayonaut

this image@: dev art site

ok ok in all fairness here is a link to the artist