Thursday, December 5, 2013

late tot he table but not late to the show

yes they are back and season two has already started. i grew up on ninja turtules and i know kids now who cant get enough of them. its  fun, it has a rich history, a well developed world, tons of characters, and ninja action galor. that goes for the old version, remade version and the new version. so anyone out their who has an idea just know this all started from a sketch and a joke of a slow turtle in a nija get up. so when i see the concepts and single images that i post here know that they all have the potential to be great worlds a super stories.

the story is see: is brand new every friday night on my local cable channel!

title: TMNT2012

artist tag: nmrbk (Nemu)

found at: deviant art

at deviant art

this image@: dev art site

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