Tuesday, December 24, 2013

holy curse word

ok wait this is the result of a accidental style discovery? they say a bad cook discovered gunpowder in china 100s of years ago. the point. the point is experimentation can take anyone's craft to unexpected places, this makes me think of a stained glass pictograph one of many that tell the story of a long ago legend. i want more tell me a story show me what cities look like what life is like in a place that looks as good as this.

the story i see: the legend tells of a time when great beasts where folk lore. so even then people did not believe in the things the said roamed the land. every no and then a tall tale would make its rounds and this is one such story that no one believed and here is what it says. a once lowly man begs for a change in his fortune only to find himself changing into a beast far from human. his friends and family watch the change and shun him. believing himself cursed the man left and explored the world, always staying far from people and looking never to be seen. after years of watching someone takes notice and starts to keep a watchful eye to the sky. and when stories of a flying monster start to spread many say it is the stuff of old wives tales other say it is that of the fearful and superstitious. some think it is the cause for a great adventure, so one by one many young and brave men go and never return, why they do not come back has never been discovered, but when you go to face a monster you prepare to be eaten. in actuality the battles take place far from anyplace the brave men could wish to return. the sky over the see where only the birds dare. so when you fight and if you lose their is no place for you to go but to the depths of the seas. although the monster has done no wrong he is hunted and spoken about as a great evil, since his core is that of a man that only wanted more for himself he never desired ill will towards others so he lives on and waits for those who would wish to encounter him and maybe run him thru.

title: The Decent

artist tag: Wes Talbott

found at: deviant art

artist@: westalbott.com

this image@: dev art site

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