Tuesday, January 29, 2013

when the moon hits your eye

when ever i think of venice, i think of the little skinny boats and a guy in a striped shirt singing that song. yes i just stereotyped but its a beautiful dream. this painting comes to life and is almost a 3d picture when you look at it compared to the background. the water is real i have seen that in real life somewhere so live it up and i am planing to go to italy. cause a incomplete project can still change my mind.

title: Work in progress of "Itinerari serreti"

artist tag: RiccardoFedericiart

found at: deviant art

artist@: http://riccardofedericiart.deviantart.com/

this image@: http://riccardofedericiart.deviantart.com/art/Work-in-progress-of-quot-Itinerari-segreti-quot-286152562

Monday, January 28, 2013

she searches for the vampire

and his name is D (yes i used a capital letter) this is the same same art style as the source material for vampire hunter d. if you ever seen the second movie blood lust you know how intense the character can be. this is not d, this in not his artist, this is not a character from his adventures this is a fantastic blue-white lady with a knack for swords

title: FFVI terra

artist tag: tobiee

found at: deviant art

artist@: http://tobias-kwan.blogspot.com/

this image@: http://tobiee.deviantart.com/art/FFVI-terra-170314402?q=favby%3Athienbao%2F1123225&qo=97

Sunday, January 27, 2013

where do you come from

welcome to our world, i am but a mere man of no rank. may i be of any service to you. you must be the princess of your people and if you want to attempt to mate as it looks like our physiology is similar enough, we can try. this is photoshop, this is suttle and i like the sexy blue chick.

i am half ass-ing these last 3 posts i have let a week go by and i'm losing words. sorry all.

title: Enoki

artist tag: thienbao

found at: deviant art

artist@: http://bao22.blogspot.com/

this image@: http://thienbao.deviantart.com/art/Enoki-180216481

yea the bad guy is driving thru town

this has to be the most signature symbol of a super villain. i can think of a dc and a marvel character that would love to ride around like this. the atmosphere is set and you should make sure oyur kids are not abducted.

title: Omen

artist tag: deaddreamer

found at: deviant art

artist@: http://deaddreamer.deviantart.com/

this image@: http://deaddreamer.deviantart.com/art/Omen-327270351

the whole truth

so this explains me right now, i am in the midst of doing to many things and not having enough time to do this. i want to ramp up and be as consistent as i possibly can my goal is to make a true real life friend that can draw. i'm going to be the most focused on entering into the artists realm. but we all are victims of our own restraints hope fully you have the key in your other hand. because its photo realistic

title: Prisoner of my own

artist tag: shimoda7

found at: deviant art

artist@: http://www.artility.nl/

this image@: http://shimoda7.deviantart.com/art/Prisoner-of-my-own-33234157

Monday, January 21, 2013


crocks who run the streets at night bringing down property values and defiling a public library. wait look at that, did you have to go to college to learn to draw like that? how long have you been training to be at that proficient of a level. the sun i s out and that didn't look like you did it over night, wait don't tell me you got permission! the contrast that this is art and it was birth from bad kids doing bad things with spray paint.

title: Regional library

artist tag: szc

found at: deviant art

artist@: http://www.arsek.eu/

this image@: http://szc.deviantart.com/art/Regional-library-98665628

a. marker magician

yo i want to shout out the art style more than the image, this is one example of an overall style. yes it ebbs and flows from side to side but i like it. i like all the art and styles i put here but a person that has a portfolio of marker magic is henceforth a marker magician. congrats on the title and may it serve you in some way shape and from.

title: Alloy

artist tag: Fezat1

found at: deviant art

artist@: http://www.fezat.com/

take a look at his gallery

this image@: http://fezat1.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d5nt4t0

the siesta

this is what they do around the world, take a two hour lunch. eat, take a nap take in some rejuvenating energy from the one you love. america thinks its so great. until i can have enough time to go home take a nap and then come back to work, we got a lot of work to do u.s. of a.

and your title shot of your blog page is so crazy good job

title: European comics - key scenes04

artist tag: taguiar

found at: deviant art

artist@: http://thonyartes.blogspot.com/

this image@: http://taguiar.deviantart.com/art/European-comics-key-scenes04-142034577

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

people watching

if you ever notice the background charaters in animation or comics or plain art they tend to be very generic. same hight, same shape, hell same colors. but a head shot study like this shows that when used properly you can make the nobodies in the fuzzy tiny corner of a image the stone that turns your project from rubble to a castle wall.


artist tag:LeSean Thomas

found at: deviant art

artist@: http://leseanthomas.com/

this image@: http://leseanthomas.deviantart.com/art/GIVING-HEAD-133124427

damnit! just straight damnit!

i watch more cartoons than i care to admit and anyone who is looking at this post probably does too. i wan looking for new art when i cam across some news that two of the best shows in 2012 have been cancelled. Tron Uprising and Motorcity. both were/are visually stunning, advanced and capable of maintaining an adults attention without making them feel out of place. anyway the next artist is where i stumbled across the news and i want to quote my "sources" anyway hopefully they add some thing as good or better to fill the gap.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

and thus we were never born

'you lying two faced son of a belly crawling basterd' imagine if eve had reacted like that insteaad of trusting the serpent. free love plentiful food and vacation for life. but no it didnt work out that way we will burn the earth beyond recognition and if you are a purest we all all beyond redemption and will be cast into the fires of hell when we die. ok, ok i am taking this a little to far to the right but hey i know adam is wishing this is how it turned out back then.

i love the colors and the softness of eve(no that this is actualy a dipiction of her), she doesnt have to be all t and a. if you are dirty minded just think of the posibilities.

title: Sic Transit Gloria

artist tag: contraomnes

found at: deviant art

artist@: http://sachinteng.com/

this image@: http://contraomnes.deviantart.com/art/Sic-Transit-Gloria-194652568

Monday, January 14, 2013

flee market for my brand new stuff

in the future half the stuff you have will be a distant memory. i paid good money for all of my semi cool crap. and to think one day my kids are gonna call it junk and want to toss it out. i think frigging not! but i do want to play with whatever overpriced tech my kids want for the holiday season 2025 here i come.

title: The Retro of Tomorrow

artist tag: brosa

found at: deviant art

artist@: https://www.facebook.com/sergi.brosa

this image@: http://brosa.deviantart.com/art/The-Retro-of-Tomorrow-282137077

Sunday, January 13, 2013

the view you kill for

i been to france (if that's bragging so be it) but i didn't get to the water. i have a friend who lives in italy and yes the picture she sent me looks just like this. i am going to commit my life to making sure i do anything short of killing someone to be able to live in a place like this when i am old and tired. great job and i hear you are about to release a comic in france in the near future let me know where i can get an inside look.

a question for anyone with knowledge of french comic books. Humanoids Publishing in america a version of Les Humanoides Associes in france. i just got my hands on Morgana and i need more. help me find out about it.

this artist was recommended to me by artist tag:Degoud

title: You could hear the waves

artist tag: Arumomushi

found at: deviant art

artist@: http://tribout.canalblog.com/

this image@: http://arunomushi.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d4tlu26

feed the people

go to the fans, go where they are and show yourself. that is the making of a folowing and a career. i hope to se more from you soon.

title: (has none)

artist tag: (my camera)

found at: deviant art

artist@: http://engine9studios.com/

this image@: (the camera on my phone)

i hunt comics

i hunt comic books, half the joy of reading comics is the hunt for back issues. i have a huge collection of graphic novels, i have orderd from ebay and various stores, hell right now i am minutes away from buying some books to add to my liabrary. but the truth is i love looking in long boxes to find that 50cent jem of a book i been looking to fill the gap in my back issue colection so i can continue my journey in the stories world. so i went to a local event and had to say thanks to the organizer for giving me a chance to run hunt and stalk for the books i could so eaisly just buy online or ask my local shop to pull out for me. the hunt is the thrill i live for in this long journey of super heros and crazy bad guys.




Thursday, January 10, 2013

moooommmmmm!!!!!! thier fighting again

the personality in his face really comes across, if i ever had to train with someone it would be the one eyed muay thai brawler.

once again sorry for the quick write up but i am working on posting everyday with little time.

title: Sagat sketches

artist tag: joverine

found at: deviant art

artist@: http://www.zazzle.com/joverine

this image@: http://joverine.deviantart.com/art/Sagat-sketches-196067967

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

better to have loved and lost

or in this case to have started and not finished instead of never starting at all. i like it keep up the forward momentum it will get you further than you know.

title: Trying to color

artist tag: Drkav

found at: deviant art

artist@: http://drkav.deviantart.com/

this image@: http://dapper-owl.deviantart.com/favourites/?offset=120#/d5jt6ji

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

oh yea, i knew that was american

i loved this show wanted the original 80's 8 episode series, the 3 episode ova. and the 26 episode remake. any way a long time ago i goggled some images of bubblegum crisis and ran across this and many more. anyway for a manga image i could tell those lines where not from the land of the rising sun. have you ever found out something you liked was made by someone you could find. of all the nameless, faceless art on google to find the guy talking about is is an eye opening experience shows the world is that much smaller

title: Bubblegum Crisis

artist tag: diablo2003

found at: deviant art

artist@: http://diablo2003.deviantart.com/

this image@: http://browse.deviantart.com/?qh=&section=&global=1&q=bubblegum+crisis#/d1naxt

Sunday, January 6, 2013

f-ing respect

the balls on this guy to do what he wanted from this far back!  you know what, you get capital letters. I hear about people who say to do what you believe in but how many do you know have actually done it. Mr. JollyJack i love your art it is perfect for what you do, its perfect for me. keep it up and bring the jack ass that we all wish we could be.

title: You'll never get anywhere.

artist tag: jollyjack

found at: deviant art

artist@: http://www.collectedcurios.com/

this image@: http://jollyjack.deviantart.com/gallery/?offset=24#/d5itn3t

yo son, your music suck

everyone wants people to hear their music and not everyone can sing, rap, or create good sounds. but i know this girl is no stranger to telling it like it is. i cant say much on this piece but i like it and i hope you do to.

title: Annoying sound

artist tag: Degoud

found at: deviant art

artist@: http://degoud.deviantart.com/

this image@: http://degoud.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d5qifhz

Saturday, January 5, 2013

the source of my spark of this thing

i was introduced to comics in the 80's i was to young to care to read them like i do now, but i wasn't to young to have a seed planted into my mind. a seed that grew a mighty tree of knowledge that beard fruit of creativity and crafting universes.

anyway this is about that spark and it was birth not by a single image but by a genera, a time period, an art style. these two pieces represent the culmination of an era, the one that i was introduced to and that most artist today have been influenced by or tried to emulate. today we have so many different derivatives of this style and this style is the result of a style before it. but to me it shows the everyday man that every child could see around them and hope to grow into actually being more than a man( or a woman sometimes). but the exaggerations and unrealistic aspect of some art that i mostly don't feature here (not that there is anything wrong with different art styles) are something that most people try to pull back from in a simply art view. they may work perfect in the context they are presented but when you want to do it big they tell you study your history.

thank you for this blast from my past. inspiration to keep up with the art and see where it goes in the next era and generation

title: Bronze Age Avengers for Blastoff Comics
Silver Age JLA for Blastoff Comics

artist tag: LaraW

found at: deviant art

artist@: http://www.larawest.blogspot.com/

this image@: http://laraw.deviantart.com/art/Bronze-Age-Avengers-for-Blastoff-Comics-294050000

new cartoons for tv

marvel is now. so the the then is free game. if someone could just have free reign and make new stories and adventures and animate it, i think they would have something great on their hands.

i want to see this done, i am a huge fan of all types of animation. and i like the interpretation and the feel of this concept. i believe animation and movies are adaptations. that means some one takes an existing idea and adapts in in their own vision to a format that is not the source. so if you make a movie or a cartoon in this case i don't want you to always exactly copy what was in the comic book.

i love the art in comic books but i know the challenge of trying to animate that kind of work exactly as it is. so when i see older cartoons try to be a comic book and not take the chance to go with a unique art direction, i notice where they fall in history. this concept would turn into a classic series, one that would hold its own with what ever animation turns into 20 years from now. if you look at the meat and bones of some animation from 20 years ago only a few can actually howl their own against some of the current work of the day.

so to you mr. ankle n socks please flesh this idea out. you have to plot a first story ark, story board it and flesh out the concept designs of at least 13 episodes. find a contact in animation and tell them you want to at least pitch this. (of course i have said not a single word of having marvel or disney's permission). at the very least if you add that to your portfolio i know you can command a pay raise as you are a working professional.

p.s. i feel good for not giving you a short post. i need to step my game up in 2013 so i can be at a place where i can work with all the talent i feature here on Jones Loves Art.

title: Captain America - Animated

artist tag: anklensocks

found at: deviant art

artist@: http://anklesnsocks.blogspot.com/

this image@: http://jouste.deviantart.com/favourites/?offset=48#/d4vxxqb

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

high end production facility

this is a lab where experiments get done and the final product is places in stylized containers to be sold in ultra boutiques. the investment in this workspace tells me this is a master of the new and digital landscape that most things are transitioning too. the end product's format is not that important as long as it is quality. i like pencil, pen, and paper but this is nice ass hell. besides imagine the games he can run on a set up like that.

title: My Desk

artist tag:redjuice999

found at: deviant art

artist@: http://redjuicegraphics.com/

this image@: http://redjuice999.deviantart.com/#/d2krxgg

work life balance

the work life balance is a challenge for the most level headed and dedicated people. and for some reason when people hear you work from home they can only see pajamas, bowls of cereal everywhere and rushing to meet deadlines. you could be head down in this office and realize that you need a break and then start using another part of your brain and relax to the beat of your drum.

title: deviantID Desk

artist tag: BillReinhold

found at: deviant art


the entire lab:    http://billreinhold.deviantart.com/gallery/10726308

this image@: http://billreinhold.deviantart.com/art/deviantID-Desk-125284266

phone off, no distractions

i can see hard work coming off this desk. head down, pencil up, and magic happening. i believe you need a proper location to create, and a proper location to work. i seen someone post somewhere online that all then need is a library, an ipod, and a sketch book to do both. there is a very big difference between working and creating, they may be identical at times but they are very different indeed, but both need the hard work that comes off this table.

title: My Drawing Desk

artist tag: comic-chic

found at: deviant art

artist@: http://www.thedreamercomic.com/

this image@: http://comic-chic.deviantart.com/art/My-Drawing-Desk-92102139

1st of the year

get to work, you've been all talk and promises. the next big thing, the dream come to life, the change that changes everything, hell i got years of resolutions to look back at and use for motivation and as cautionary tales. i am a weird one last years resolution was "no fear, no regret". this year i got a dozy of a year long challenge, "results" how do you get results, how do you qualify things as results, hell how do you even know what the results are that you really want. simple you close your eyes start working and then open your eyes and make corrections as you move along. so for the easiest thing i can think of to getting this 365 challenge going i'm posting 3 picks of work.