Saturday, January 5, 2013

the source of my spark of this thing

i was introduced to comics in the 80's i was to young to care to read them like i do now, but i wasn't to young to have a seed planted into my mind. a seed that grew a mighty tree of knowledge that beard fruit of creativity and crafting universes.

anyway this is about that spark and it was birth not by a single image but by a genera, a time period, an art style. these two pieces represent the culmination of an era, the one that i was introduced to and that most artist today have been influenced by or tried to emulate. today we have so many different derivatives of this style and this style is the result of a style before it. but to me it shows the everyday man that every child could see around them and hope to grow into actually being more than a man( or a woman sometimes). but the exaggerations and unrealistic aspect of some art that i mostly don't feature here (not that there is anything wrong with different art styles) are something that most people try to pull back from in a simply art view. they may work perfect in the context they are presented but when you want to do it big they tell you study your history.

thank you for this blast from my past. inspiration to keep up with the art and see where it goes in the next era and generation

title: Bronze Age Avengers for Blastoff Comics
Silver Age JLA for Blastoff Comics

artist tag: LaraW

found at: deviant art


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