Saturday, January 5, 2013

new cartoons for tv

marvel is now. so the the then is free game. if someone could just have free reign and make new stories and adventures and animate it, i think they would have something great on their hands.

i want to see this done, i am a huge fan of all types of animation. and i like the interpretation and the feel of this concept. i believe animation and movies are adaptations. that means some one takes an existing idea and adapts in in their own vision to a format that is not the source. so if you make a movie or a cartoon in this case i don't want you to always exactly copy what was in the comic book.

i love the art in comic books but i know the challenge of trying to animate that kind of work exactly as it is. so when i see older cartoons try to be a comic book and not take the chance to go with a unique art direction, i notice where they fall in history. this concept would turn into a classic series, one that would hold its own with what ever animation turns into 20 years from now. if you look at the meat and bones of some animation from 20 years ago only a few can actually howl their own against some of the current work of the day.

so to you mr. ankle n socks please flesh this idea out. you have to plot a first story ark, story board it and flesh out the concept designs of at least 13 episodes. find a contact in animation and tell them you want to at least pitch this. (of course i have said not a single word of having marvel or disney's permission). at the very least if you add that to your portfolio i know you can command a pay raise as you are a working professional.

p.s. i feel good for not giving you a short post. i need to step my game up in 2013 so i can be at a place where i can work with all the talent i feature here on Jones Loves Art.

title: Captain America - Animated

artist tag: anklensocks

found at: deviant art


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