Monday, March 31, 2014

its how we are made

 you are made an artist you where born that way and it it is in your blood, now a lot of artists to get to grow up to be artist but few of you get to, i was we but i am not yet an artist, i will be before i die but you many are the few in between the multitudes that want and wish to be one with a pencil.

the story i see: i just told you

title: Stigma

artist tag: Andoledius

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Sunday, March 30, 2014

a new gang to dream about

its hard to think up a dozen different people with stories and history and then try and link them all together. no one planned the avengers or justice league, not that these guys even exist in a single universe. but character design is hard cause they will always compare your characters to whats out there.

the story i see: i take a pass on this one i would need a day and a notebook to put anything together.

title: Concepts 1

artist tag: Oniika

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Saturday, March 29, 2014

run dont fight

that is the only thing that should be going thru your mind if you ever encounter something like this. its a ninja it suppose to be light on its feet but she looks like she floats as she cuts the air and anyone standing behind it. you don't ever get to see many ninjas out side of the traditional appearance but this one is beyond it but still recognizable even with the less than stealthy weaponry.

the story i see: one of many ninja assassins used by a shadow group, she alone survives the botched hit on a rival clan, but like a good shinobi, she never asks of her masters why but continues with her duty to fight, find out and kill on command. the kill is what she is mostly asked to do.

title: Cyborg Ninja

artist tag: NateSonOfSimp

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Friday, March 28, 2014

future forces preview

a power suit with some nice lines and curves, but which color do i like? you can see the speed in the purple but the strength in the beige.

the story i see: one has already been done

 title: kojiro designs zankana sheet

artist tag: Shayeragal

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

this is how it went down

the chinese dragon and japanese armor are proof of the shared history of the orients ancient history. this is what it was all about. yea ok so that is more story than appreciation but the fact that the creator wanted the touch of steampunk in this means history is what we make of it. i want to see this warrior in action,

the story i see: an epic battle scene where two large forces face off on a hilly field on the edge of a forest with canons make the clash that much more trechorus. and the warrior tries to gain ground and protect his brothers.

title: El Samurai Dragon

artist tag: elshazam

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

you dont always have to be naked

if you are telling a story with pictures the images have to grab, and sometimes it takes you away from reality. hell that is the point of a story for it to take you somewhere where certain things are possible. but when you have one thing that is strictly for a visual purpose and ignores all common sense you like to see when reality takes a great stab at it. so when ever i see a bikini clad woman doing any kind of adventuring i always stop and say ' sexy but come on  is that what girls wear to do that!' so when ever i see a sexy depiction of a woman in comics with long pants and a shirt with no cleavage i say ' damn that is a skillful creator, he made her hot with her cloths on!'

the story i see: sorry i found out she is part of a top cow comic book so i'm now just looking at her . and here is where you can stare at her too

title: Glori

artist tag: NelsonBlakeII

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i stole this. period

where i stole it from keep scrolling down

here it is in its glory

from the tumblr of Reilly Brown

There’s a discussion brewing in comics about artists being more diminished as of late—that readers, reviewers, and publishers are focusing too much on writers rather than the artists who draw the book. I agree it’s happening, but I’m not sure it’s worth sounding an alarm over. I never felt diminished, but maybe I’m part of the exception. Maybe it’s because I’m an artist and a writer.

Either way, I do have a few thoughts on what artists can do to pull themselves out from under the rug.


If you conform to a “house style”, then you’re at higher risk of being treated like an interchangeable cog in the comics machine. Yes, you’re more likely to get consistent work, but you won’t stand out as much. Therefor you’ll be sought after less by big name writers, you’re less likely to make a lasting impression on reviewers and readers, and you’ll have a harder time getting raises (12 others draw like you and for less money).

I also suggests inking yourself if it helps. Pencils get covered up, so the key to retaining more distinct personality in your art is through inks (unless you publish pencils). If you’re not into that, then work with an inker who will help you BOTH stand out, like JRJR and Klaus Janson.


I drew Batman/Scarecrow: Year One in 2005, and then things dried up for a while. You think doing Batman means you’ve made it? Wrong. More than likely, Batman is the star. Not you.

Around the same time I did Batman, I wrote and drew a book called Off Road. My sales were much lower (only made about 4K that year), but my art started getting recognized more. Most of the projects I’ve taken since are books that had no history, no fan-base, and no Batman to overshadow me. Joe the Barbarian, American Vampire: SOTF, Punk Rock Jesus and The Wake. And I have two Image books I’ll be working on in 2014 (one with Mark Millar), and they’re both from scratch. I try and pick stuff where the writer and I are the main event, not the characters.

*I admit I’ve found weird success by taking on creator-owned books more than mainstream stuff. It’s a risky path, for sure. Mathematically, more artists have found success by eventually overcoming the Batmen they’re drawing. But things are shifting to creator-owned, and with digital distribution and Kickstarter, this option should be more tempting than ever before. Think about it.


Currently, I’m drawing The Wake with Scott Snyder. Scott’s a great partner, but it’s not because he’s a top writer at DC. I work with Scott because he’s talented, a hard worker, he takes his job seriously, he’s available for questions, he asks my opinion on the story, and he writes around stuff that I want to draw. He’s also very considerate toward my schedule, my needs, and never does an interview without mentioning me, Matt Hollingsworth, and the other people who work hard on his books.

Some writers don’t want to share. They lord over their books and keep artists away from interviews, contracts, and other business affairs in order to maintain control. Which is totally within their right to do—I’m not judging writers who run their books this way. But if you’re an artists working for a writer like this, and you’re feeling diminished, then find a new writer. And try to do it amicably.


Readers need to know where to find you. Rocking Superman for a single issue and doing a mic-drop isn’t enough to get attention. The minute you leave, readers will be like, “who the hell was that?” unless you’re already a name.

The other thing to avoid is double shipping schedules—where a single title is handled by one writer and multiple artists. That’s like trying to get noticed from inside a crowded, revolving door. Yes, you’ll be well paid for your talents. And people might buzz about your art. But it’s better to be on a title where you’re the only artist on a substantial run.


Here’s a quick list of complaints that I hear from artists when it comes to feeling diminished, followed by my response. In my opinion, artist who employ these arguments should look again at the reality of the job they signed up for.

"How come we don’t get flown to summit meetings with the writers?"
-Writers plan years ahead with stories. They make blueprints, whereas you’re the architect who’s brought in later. There’s not much point in flying you to a summit meeting so you can sit on your ass for two days going, “Yeah, that would be cool to draw.”

"But I have good ideas on what works in comics. I should be included in summit meetings!"
-You have good ideas? So do they. No offense, but your two-cents isn’t worth the $400 plane ticket, the $60 in food and the $15 of hotel porn.

"It’s a writer’s industry. It’s not fair for artists"
-Artists ran the show in the 90s, and look how that turned out. You want artists in charge? Because I don’t. Somewhere in the middle is best.
-Learn to write. Ever read a comic you thought sucked? Think you can do better? Then do it. Bad books hit the shelves all the time, so there’s no reason why you can’t write one, too. Or work harder and put out a half-decent one.

"How come I don’t do as many interviews?"
-How many books do you draw a month? Just one? And a writer writes 3-4 a month? Then he gets to do 3-4 more times the interviews. Deal with it.

"I don’t sign as many autographs as the writer!" or "How come I don’t get as many questions during panel discussions?"
-Story is in our DNA, art is not. Proof? People can do a great job describing what a movie meant to them—the characters, the plot twists, the surprises, the music, the action, and the ending. Send those same people to an art museum and they get much quieter. Why? Some of them don’t get art. Some of them like it, but don’t know why. Even the ones that loved it can only use limited vocabulary to describe it: neat lines, nice color, good mood, blah blah blah. And that’s totally fine—it took you years to learn about art, so ease up on people that don’t have your education.

comments by Reilly Brown

 I don’t agree with everything Murphy says here, but a few of these things are definitely on point.  Especially the “don’t draw like a cog” bit.  I see PLENTY of artists with amazing technical skills every time I go to the comic store, but they just don’t stand out because they tend to look very similar.  There’s not much about their art that really says “no one else can do this!”  It’s those artists with inimitable signature styles that really are able to make a name for themselves, and can never truly be replaced. 
Bring something to your book that no one else can.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

let take this somewhere

we all have plenty of great ideas and a lot of them get left on sidelines or just roll around our heads for longer than they should. if i could i would take all one million of my ideas and run with them. but lets be real no one can do every thing they think of all the time but this is one thing i would love to see some more of. what is the motivation of a robot super hero, what does a robot super hero do for fun, who is its family and friends, what special abilities and add on does he have? these are what make this character some thing to be expanded and shown.

the story i see: in the future the robot police force keeps the world safe but when robots walk the earth some think their is no more danger while others fight harder and meaner then ever before. so when the elite create a beautiful world and leave the rest to survive in a brutal war zone, the survivors make due with what is available. the robots themselves. so when they capture and reprogram one and provide its artificial intelligence the freedom of it's own will a new chapter begins in the world of the tin plated coppers.

 title: Maurader Maurader 2

artist tag: ReillyBrown

found at: deviant art


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Monday, March 24, 2014

lets do this thing!

doesn't this just shout the start to an epic adventure! look at the location and environment you know there is so much to see and deal with and the adventurer is so rugged and wise even though he looks so young from the back. i can tell these things, trust me. but the piece is calm and fun while mature and serious.

the story i see: naw i got no story i want to see the one the creator has, the bean

title: The Adventure...

artist tag: travisJhanson

found at: deviant art


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Sunday, March 23, 2014

so this is how some thing like this happens

you always see the finished product but rarely get to see the progress of a photo realistic drawing.

the story i see: i dont want to tell my conan story just yet, besides i want to showcase this piece.

title: CONAN Progressional

artist tag: JoeJusko

found at: deviant art


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Saturday, March 22, 2014

simple lines excelent anatomy

this is all about her arms, look at the work that is put into just her bicep. you can see it but its not the focus. it is in this blog post! this is an example of art mastery, and to master art of people you must master anatomy! its like my title says real simple lines little effort from the outside looking in but there you have it a fantastic image built on a great foundation of art skill.

the story i see: this is a comic cover so no point reinventing the wheel, so go find out for your self.
the best link i could find

title: Wake Cover Issue 6

artist tag: Andrew-Robinson

found at: deviant art


this image@: dev art site

Friday, March 21, 2014

a reminder to get to work

back in the lab again, i want to see where people put in that ward pencil grinding and where daydreams become reality, or as close to it as allowed by the laws of nature and physics.

no story to tell but i do like the mature and refined collection and references, but if you give me the chance i would have a house full of books and statues!

title: Where the Magic Happens!!!!!

artist tag: DexterVines

found at: deviant art


this image@: dev art site

Thursday, March 20, 2014

the men of tomorrow

tomorrow is like yesterday as that everything repeats itself, so when graffiti art and the disenfranchised rise again this is what we will see everywhere, besides the lines on this are nice.

the story i see: whit nothing nothing to do and few options to grow and work the youth start to enjoy themselves anyway they can. by making the city their canvas and playground.

title: maleante malvibroso

artist tag: ZurdoM

found at: deviant art


this image@: dev art site

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

can you name them all?

i cant but i have seen five or seven of the eight of the titles pictured here. i thin the two are spirited away and castle in the sky, if they are not then i haven't seen them. we all know how much fame and critical acclaim studio ghibli gets because they do great work but this fan peice should grant the artist a spot on the roster because she captures the spirit of what the studio stands for and thier cataloug all in one shot.

the story i see: the feelings i get when i first watched those films, classic stuff you have to share.

title: 'Beautiful World of Ghibli'

artist tag: Barukurii

found at: deviant art


this image@: dev art site

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


you will always project your emotions into the art you see and you will always interpret things based on what you have gone thru. when someone tells you the meaning of an art piece then you can compare where you are in your life to what is going on around you. i see guilt because i fell it when ever i miss doing something that i want to.

the story i see: after being an outcast from an early age for having two different colored eyes she has no choice but to seek comfort and friendship from those who would not shun her, the users of dark arts.

title: Harvested

artist tag: CelestialValkyrie

found at: deviant art


this image@: dev art site