Tuesday, March 25, 2014

let take this somewhere

we all have plenty of great ideas and a lot of them get left on sidelines or just roll around our heads for longer than they should. if i could i would take all one million of my ideas and run with them. but lets be real no one can do every thing they think of all the time but this is one thing i would love to see some more of. what is the motivation of a robot super hero, what does a robot super hero do for fun, who is its family and friends, what special abilities and add on does he have? these are what make this character some thing to be expanded and shown.

the story i see: in the future the robot police force keeps the world safe but when robots walk the earth some think their is no more danger while others fight harder and meaner then ever before. so when the elite create a beautiful world and leave the rest to survive in a brutal war zone, the survivors make due with what is available. the robots themselves. so when they capture and reprogram one and provide its artificial intelligence the freedom of it's own will a new chapter begins in the world of the tin plated coppers.

 title: Maurader Maurader 2

artist tag: ReillyBrown

found at: deviant art

artist@: reillybrown.tumblr.com

this image@: dev art site 2nd dev art site

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