Tuesday, June 22, 2010

why comic books become movies

platinum studios has a 9 cent stock price right now so i'm going in. why because they are working on two potentially blockbuster movies that no one will know came from a comic book. Dead of Night about the french Dylan Dog stories with the guy from superman returns (of course i mean the actor playing Superman)and Cowboys and Indians with the new James Bond actor and directed by the IronMan I and II director (names withheld to protect identities) but when i think of a movie that i want to see it's 'The Interman!'. this is a hell of a story, subtle and direct not convoluted and filled with "wait.....what happened?" moments from over the top twists and turns. This is as real as you can get in a graphic novel about government projects and international killers. read this book i got it for free from my public library so i have to contact them to ask who picked this and congratulate them after i finish buying my own copy but the whole time waiting to see this thing blow up and one day be a movie that i can say you should read the comic.

title: The Interman

artist tag: Jeff Parker

found at: the library

artist@: http://theinterman.net/index.html

this image@ http://theinterman.net/index.html