Tuesday, January 15, 2013

and thus we were never born

'you lying two faced son of a belly crawling basterd' imagine if eve had reacted like that insteaad of trusting the serpent. free love plentiful food and vacation for life. but no it didnt work out that way we will burn the earth beyond recognition and if you are a purest we all all beyond redemption and will be cast into the fires of hell when we die. ok, ok i am taking this a little to far to the right but hey i know adam is wishing this is how it turned out back then.

i love the colors and the softness of eve(no that this is actualy a dipiction of her), she doesnt have to be all t and a. if you are dirty minded just think of the posibilities.

title: Sic Transit Gloria

artist tag: contraomnes

found at: deviant art

artist@: http://sachinteng.com/

this image@: http://contraomnes.deviantart.com/art/Sic-Transit-Gloria-194652568

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