Tuesday, December 10, 2013

ceremony has purpose

i hate ceremony, i use to get pissed off waiting for someone to make a show out of something that could be done in 5 minutes. but when you get older and have been forced to tolerate ceremony you get to understand its importance and purpose. so when i see a beautifully ornate woman with a sword i don't get mad thinking what is all that for, i think what is the importance of her being here doing this and who are the people back home counting on her doing what she is about to do.

the story is see: a maiden is prepared to face a ritual menace, one that over the generations has come to the agreement that if one woman can best him with out killing him he would not attach and protect the people by claiming their home as his territory against his kind. so she must fight for her life and yet spare the terror, if not she invites all manner of unknown.

title: Snow Dragon

artist tag: Andrew-Ross Maclean

found at: deviant art

artist@: andrew-ross-maclean.deviantart.com

this image@: dev art site

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