Sunday, December 22, 2013


have you ever been sucked into a world like when kids get magically transported to far off lands for adventures? have you ever looked into a world and they have never noticed you doing it? that is what is going on when you see the richness of this image, from the background the props and the emotions you get from the people. this is real living life on paper where the story can change your perspective on life. yes i said life a lot hahahahah.

the story i see: a boy after finding some strange artifact or book in his fathers study asks him about it and is told the tale of how in his youth his father traveled, met his mother and found adventures to fill the book he will one day pass on to the son once he comes of age.

title: Golden color sunlight

artist tag: peggyly

found at: deviant art


this image@: dev art site

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