Friday, December 6, 2013

and here we see a beginning

ah yes the very beginning. scientist wish they could see the big bang, the first moment in all of history, but they can not. i do understand the feeling of wanting to be their before it was anything before their where any fans, endings, stories, when it was just a spark, when it was just an idea, a sketch. and here we have it the very beginning of a universe all from a sketch of a girl with emotion in her eyes. what happened to her, whats going to happen around her, where is she, w=who is she, when in the world will this all take place, and why. those are the questions we get to see asked and then answered. so enjoy the sketch and ope for a world bigger and richer than the artist ever imagined.

the story i see: shielding herself lightly from the bright light a man rides past her damaged town on his horse and looks upon the town and its many soot covers survivors. she hopes to ask for help but knows any more strangers could burn down what is left of her home, but she cannot just let people come and go with out trying to know who they are. and this man is very much a stranger but very far from the men who did their worst to her town, he might be the one who helps rebuild it.

title: Sketch progress

artist tag: frecklefaced29

found at: deviant art


this image@: dev art site

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