Wednesday, December 11, 2013

all the details of a pencil

its more than the wood tin rubber and graphite its the tones of grey. the light is made of grey the shadows is made of grey the lines and colors are made of grey, that is what the details of a pencil mean to me. on top of that this looks like fun i want to see how mad the lady gets and what if anything bother the big guy, not to mention what the older man in the back knows.

the story i see: after a long chase the newly minted trio all finding each other have decided to go in with out the calvery and get the bounty on the man hidden in the cave, the woman has an arm to get back because no one make a rophy out of her, the old man has to many responsibilities to deal with no to go after the money and the tall one wants to help.

title: High Fantasy Western

artist tag: LuisEscobar

found at: deviant art


this image@: dev art site

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