Sunday, February 2, 2014

the deep shall rise again

i love the expression on this mer-woman's fac, she doesn't need to be all smiles and bubbles but something strong and serious, she lives in the harshest environment on earth, the deep sea. i have been on a fish person bender for a little while so i'll keep it short as the art speaks for itself.

the story i see: the treat of global warming was misunderstood by the masses as the scientist have never been accurately depicted in the media. they have always been turned into sound bites to sensationalize any topic. what they were all screaming about was that the warming earth will cause the ice caps to melt, adding water to the oceans. the first effect is the rising sea level and the vanishing coast line but the secondary effect would be the desalinization of the seas, the current water cycles and currents are a direct result of their current salt constant that allows massive water currents like the winds. once the salt level drops and they cease to move the highly slow moving fresh water will start to freeze, bringing a 'third' coming of the ice age. the second is the one we know in our history as killing the dinosaurs but the first is the one that allowed humanity to exist. as all life started from the primordial ooze some of it chose not to breath the burning air in their lungs but the cold icy oxygenated water. as the earth warmed they could or would not adapt and fell into a powerful hibernation. as time passed their great world became covered by new dirt from the fast growing underwater volcanoes that became the seven continents. so unlike the dinosaurs they never became extinct they only became buried. and as humanity ices the planet they shall rise and any human left must now return to them the watery earth.

title: Mermaid

artist tag: JenZee

found at: deviant art


this image@: dev art site

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