Friday, January 17, 2014

a swim withthe fishes

the title is suppose to sound like a mafia threat to dump your body in the ocean, if it doesn't then i cant write my thought correctly. but this is hopefully the first of many of my new niches, mermaids. we all know how much i love gorgons i cant get enough of them and all the interpretations people come up with, so here goes to the lovely ladies of the see. if their is a good merman he's going up here too.

i like the fun tone of the art direction, a little chibi, a little toon, all realistic in concept. if we ever do find mermaids i doubt they will be having firm pert c-cups with seashell bras. the last pirates of the caribbean did do a good job of depicting how a naked sea beast would be covered up for a kids movie.

the story i see: like all see creatures a man on a surf board looks like a seal from below. so when this hungry mermaid uses her inherent shark skills to catch her self some lunch, she finds a horrible taste in her mouth and a set of eyes like hers looking back at her. the eyes belong to a pink looking version of her but with out all the needed parts to swim. should she keep it, bring it back to her family, eat it, or let this thing go cause it could be bad for her.

title: In Dangerous Waters

artist tag: sharpie91

found at: deviant art


this image@: dev art site

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