Monday, January 27, 2014

The premise 14: the armored man

A revolutionary balistic body armor out of private developement and field testing but the police department want to demo out a unit. a head to toe suit of polymer and carbon fiber, light and extremely durable. With the police insignia across the chest and a visor shaped like a face,  you would thing a future robot was here now. 'who's in the suit' johny .......'you mean desk johny, hell walk into a land mine and dead the demo unit'  no he actualy has one of the higher marksmanship ranks in this precinct. 'yea and the instinks and bad habits of the most unlucky man on earth' dont worry the only thing he has to worry about in this is a 50cal. rifle shot.

So as this cop embarks as a walking target in a city gone to the wolves, he stands as a symbol that the law is bulletproof and is coming with fully automatic millitary issue assault rifiles. So with no electronics within the suit the officer is no super hero just another guy on the job, but a few nifty new gadjets wont go unwelcomed by the newest symbol of the force of justice

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