Friday, January 17, 2014

the premise 5: the city in the mountain

in a ruined world where the sky is poison and the land is death there is one refuge that people seek, the mountain city. a solitary peak in a massive valley, with a white stone castle the surrounds a massive tunnel road into the rock face. the castle is the center of an expansive walled city that keeps out the wilds of the world. but that is only the entrance to the city itself. the tunnel takes you both below and above the castle but into the cavity of the mountain. the walls are metal and holographic lights fill the roads with a daylight glow where there is no sun. building rise high to a solid rock ceiling and parks are visible as children run and play in this futuristic cosmos on earth. the road to below leads to a living ocean where boats brave waves and nets catch fish and pull them to a wooden port not too far from a calm blue water beach with its own private glowing sun.

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