Sunday, July 14, 2013

the seed of the mind

as an artist your  mind is full of thought s that manifest in different ways, when you are getting paid you tend to direct those thoughts in a particular fashion. if your job is to make a robot story i know you are channeling all the metal and wires you can think of. if you have to do fantasy, any thinking that is not happening across the street or on the news gets pulled tot the top o four mental soup. i cant say rarely as artists do it all the time, you let your mind stew and bubble over a source less idea just something that emerges from the depths of our psyche. and this is one of them. a sketch a doodle, some practice, a warm up, it is born from the either, the source can be as obscure as anything can be but it will flow and you will add to it, you will give your bones flesh and skin and it will be something you somehow recognize and know as familiar.

 *posted with out spell check/ re-edited*

title: Just a Little Experiment

artist tag: jeffwamester

found at: deviant art


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