Friday, July 26, 2013

the reverse story

picture this. a knight stripped down to his sword patterned boxers chained to a giant wooden steak in the middle of a dark cave as a princess in her long sleek silky pink gown slithers and crawls around. every now and then she taunts the knight and licks his face with her long tongue as her protests and says his rescuer will dispatch of her vile villainy once he arrives to free the nobleman. that is the extreme comedy perspective on the literal dragon knight. a more realistic take basked on the art style is this is one of the first if not few highly intelligent, maybe even half breed dragons that works with kingdom to keep the peace between mankind and the wild savage rampant giant dragons that terrorize the countryside. either way i have never seen a dragon dressed as a knight so i can just imagine the wonders in your imagination.

 title: Knight Dragon

artist tag: MCMR

found at: deviant art

artist@: mcmr

this image@: dev art site

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