Friday, June 28, 2013

why is this not a animated series yet

capcom has made rockman/megaman into a cartoon for the x games on playstation and there was the american cartoon that didn't last long. resident evil has had 5 movies released in theaters. so you mean they don't have a department in their headquarters to see how to make their classic characters and games cartoons? he's a ninja it sells it's self, hell most people don't know a drop of this characters back story so you can use the old story and it writes it's self. basically this is the easiest thing capcom can do. but the art of strider is just to nice to ignore, then you have the night stick shaped blade, the utility belt full of unknown tools and the robot dog from the marvel vs capcom games, instant action cartoon.

title: Strider Hiryu

artist tag: E-Mann

found at: deviant art

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