Wednesday, June 19, 2013

blood vs crip colored device

so i browse imgur! the problem is no one puts a way for a lurker to find them. well no this time.

the nice animal fighting known has pokemon has never been a problem for parents because their is no blood and the animals..... ok, pokemon never die. besides once you see that it a giant multimedia machine sucking money straight from your paycheck because not only your kids are a fan but you still have your original copy of red or blue. but picture running out of pokemon and having to combine them for new ideas, and that would be a world of fun. wait someone had the bright idea to tweak the results. holy pokeballs and psyducks mr ketchum we have some very ferocious creatures. i love the epic godzilla ness of the creature, i cant wait for you to make them all.

title: Magnetoise

artist tag: starvingstudents

found at: imgur then sourced form deviant art


this image@:

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