Sunday, June 30, 2013

what is this

is this a sketch or a final drawing? can you imagine the art direction if this is the the art style of a graphic novel! it is so nior and pulp i can see this dripping with drama and atmosphere. i want to see this story, i want to meet the characters, i need to see the land scape. joslin you need to at least expand on this image and make some concept art for a potential story. once that is done you can start a kick starter campaign to get funding to start and complete the project. i believe in the big four marvel, dc, image, and darkhourse, but you need to do an independent project to build a strong professional footprint so that you can open your own doors in this industry. and by independent you have so many options but i would kick start to fund the book get it made and use a small self publishing format to supply to your backers, then take your project to image or darkhourse and have them do a larger run as that is their specialty and they have the clout to do this bigger than either you can expect or i can hope.

title: Samourais -sketch 04

artist tag: joslin

found at: deviant art


this image@:

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