Thursday, June 27, 2013

picture preparedness

a boy scout and solider is always prepared, i mean have you seen the stuff they got in outdoor shop or army navy surplus locations. but this solider gets sent out with binoculars and his smuggled smokes all the damn time. his flexibility and resource fullness make him a master of surviving and getting the job done, this turnaround just goes to show how well my man Solid Snake is, his predecessor naked snake was methodical, is later incarnation old snake was wise, and his brother liquid snake was insane and one persistent son of a cloning process. so the name snake will always ting with tough as nails. the artist wanted critique: i like your animated art style you added more functional style than in the original playstation one game art but incorporated in later incarnations of metal gear solid games. the invisible gun can be chopped up to better showing off the character himself. the proportions look ok to me as this is in an animated style and not a more actual art style. the face gives an aura of toughness but it is not 100% snake's style in my head. but good job.

title: mgs bleh

artist tag: ZWYER

found at: deviant art


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