Tuesday, October 2, 2012

something out of nothing

i want to create a a lifestyle and career for myself out of graphic art and media. i mean i want to be something there is no plan for, there is only one school for this and i cant draw, i can write like an amateur and all i got going for me is that i like me ideas. and that is where it all starts i am rubbing my palms together and wishing to me a robert kirkman, a mark miller, a stan lee, a walt disney, a bandai and sunrise, as well as countless other things that i have seen that make me believe i want to do this as my way of living. but that is all it takes an idea, some drive, lots of smarts, some luck and if i have more than just some luck a little bit of money. but i know one thing, thanks to the power of the internet and google there is nothing you can not be, make or find out with out a little bit of work. and that is the hard part the work it is more then i can ever imagine, and i am a lazy person but hopefully everytime i look at this message i am writing for myself it will help me get my ass off the floor and get to work. because i want this and no one will ever give it to me and i can figure this thing out because someone else did and i'm at least as smart as the guy at the bottom of the list.

go bring your self some thing back from the back of oyur mind and the end of your life

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