Monday, October 15, 2012

f@#$ing dapper

there was so much to see and do at the ny comic con, i mostly went for myself to see and experience and spend money but i couldn't leave with out finding some pretty pictures, but comics is only 50% art work and the story is something i am not qualified to speak on. but before i get to chronicling the visual experience of NYCC over the next couple posts let me just say visuals count and i have to give props when they are earned. the artist ally is where the guys that do the pencil magic get their just due by adoring fans. they get their folding tables and cover them in previous and current work and sketch while they wait for the day and hunger to pass. they don't eat they barley leave cause they want to meet all of the fans that come just for them. but one table stood out and could not be ignored, so to neil dvorak i give you a gentleman's hats off to your effort to being a class fucking artist. you are to cool

found at: NYCC 2012


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