Friday, May 3, 2013

ok so the next generation of robot planes is here

starscreem and any varitech fighter are the benchmark for all plane robot hybrids, they are functional and fantastic at what they do. hell they have survived numerous revisions and have stated fan favorites. today i hope to help usher in the newest member of the childhood fantasy ro/planes. i can see the bombs it would drop and it can still launch them in robot form. the only drawback is if it gets punched in the pilot face it might be a glass problem. hey that makes a hell of a story twist in any animation it is sure to be in.

shameless self plug if you have free time and want to add stuff to your resume i have a character and some accessories i would love for you to draw and design!

title: HCF-21b Peregrine

artist tag: Tekka-Croe

found at: deviant art


this image@:

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