Sunday, February 10, 2013

this is us

we think with a part of our brains that most people don't understand and if we are lucky envy and want to be us. they train the rest of the world to be good followers. take orders never question, do as your told, obey the leader. we are trained to be creative sometimes and when a few of us are we do great things. they say we are behind in math and science, guess what we always were. but we had imagination and vision and you know what we are the only people to ever set foot on the moon. china has the man power and resources and enough of our money to do it they don't. japan has the science and the know how to do it better, faster, cheaper, hell even cooler, but you know what they wont. hope fully i don't sound small minded about the world but i want to showcase that it take a special kind of thinker to do what everyone who is listening cares about, make art!

title: Sucha Lefty

artist tag: yasmeanie

found at: deviant art


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