Monday, December 10, 2012

ok we might just have to get this done

the turtles now belong to nickelodeon and they have super plans and i bet they don't want anyone "copy write" infringing on their now hot potato, but we need to make this thing somehow! a fifth turtle and the radical designs on everyone else, we need a comic, web series, hell even more art, just keep this going. i will give you kickstart money without the kickstarter. paypal is my friend. don't get me wrong the new cartoon is still the shit but come on look at these concepts and tell me you cant see some wicked, wicked, wicked action.

1) go ninja go
2) TMNT: Secrets Of The Ooze: the Turtles + friends
3) TMNT: Secrets Of The Ooze: the Foot

artist tag: mooncalfe

found at: deviant art

artist@: (main location)

this image@:

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