Tuesday, November 27, 2012

why i love comic artists

so a huricane came by and gave me a black out so all i could do during the daylight hours was read the comics and graphic novels i picked up at he nycc. and in reading a twenty year old comic that has been readapted so many time over the years and given me so much joy. i turn the page and " oh my god wow" outloud. i swear on everything i love that i just reacted to the image and blurted it out like a little kid. i was reading the first volume of the classic G.I.Joe Real American Hero and i saw a cobra attach that made my jaw drop. the picture was in a aartstyle that most people would call old and the story was straight forward but the way everything was presented and the way i tured the page not expecting to see at least that caught me off guard and is now one of my favorite moments in a comic book. this is why i read comic books watch cartoons and go tot he movies to see some thing i never seen before or to have my breath taken away. i expect so much and i can smell a surprise coming half the time but to just get hit with some thing fantastical is what i live for, and why i have been so far behind on my own personal schedule for posting.

i feel like a dick because i cant turn these images so you can view them properly

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